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We love questions.
It’s one of the best ways to learn. Just ask Socrates. So we’ve pulled together the most frequently asked questions of our artists and given you their very best answers. If you’re still curious about something hit us up at

How long did the Indian dow sail – or “tanga” – used to make my Ali Lamu bag spend at sea?
While there is no way to know for sure, we do know that some of the tanga has sailed the Indian Ocean for years, some for generations. Either way, you’re getting a durable bag with years of history and character.

How should I care for my Aspiga sandals?
Due to the TLC that goes into them, our Aspiga sandals are very hardwearing. But at the same time they don't really like getting wet as they are predominantly made of leather. So, if you leave them outside by accident or get caught in the rain, try to dry them out as soon as you get the chance. Also, another rogue fan of our sandals are pooches, especially puppies! Keep out of reach of dogs!

If the sandals feel tight on my feet when I initially try them on, do I need to buy a different size?
The sandals may fell slightly snug to begin, but the leather (being a natural fabric) will stretch to mould your feet so you’ll soon feel like you’re wearing very chic, comfy slippers.  

I’m very interested in UNITE the World with Africa. What else can you tell me about its work?
UNITE The World With Africa is a social organization created in January 2010 by ASHÉ founder Anne Wells to support grassroots women’s health, microfinance, and education initiatives in Tanzania and to empower meaningful giving and service opportunities for Americans. Seventy percent of the Ashé Collection’s profits go to support UNITE’s humanitarian efforts in Africa. For more information, visit or call us at 314-239-3997.



Anne Wells
Director & Founder

UNITE – The World with Africa
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